MAGNASET 2.0 – New generation of environmentally-friendly furan resins with improved classification

Next to high quality requirements, strict environmental regulations, and high cost-pressures the importance of sustainability aspects and health awareness is getting more important in foundries. Therefore, ASK Chemicals has developed a second generation of MAGNASET as environmentally friendly No-Bake furan resins. MAGNASET resins have reduced free furfuryl alcohol (FA) content and a performance comparable to standard furan resins. The new technology offers important benefits: improved classification, emission reduction potential at a performance equal to the first MAGNASET generation and improved storage stability. Despite having a free FA content below 40%, it is possible to replace standard furan resins with a free FA content typically between 50 and 95%.

In this webinar, Dr. Nicolas Riensch presents the advantages and performance of furan No-Bake binder systems. Foundries looking to promote sustainability and working conditions while maintaining a high casting quality should consider MAGNASET 2.0 and this informational webinar.


Dr. Nicolas Riensch, Head of R&D No-Bake

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