Optimize cores and molds digitally - with best-in-class core making simulation Arena-flow®

Arena-flow® is a simulation software designed for core and mold production. It treats particles (sand and additives) as discrete solids and air as a continues media, contrary to fluid-based softwares. Beyond this difference, Arena-flow® requires particle size and material density as input for simulation. This is important for accurately predicting core sand compaction. It also predicts particle-wall collisions, as well as particle loading, which is useful when predicting fill patterns, tool wear and potential resin wipe off. 

The latest release of Arena-Flow® Ver. 9.1.  includes features such as dehydration, curing for inorganic cores, and state-of-the-art post processing with Tecplot® included with Arena-Flow®.  

Further, it now includes cloud licensing capabilities with on-premise and cloud computing resources solutions. Thus, the software can be used at any workstation across platforms.   

Join our webinar about Arena-Flow® core making simulation software updates with our expert Thomas Brandt, Project Manager Design Services. Learn all about the unique capabilities of Arena-Flow®, and what's new in the latest release. 


Thomas Brandt, Design Services Expert

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