New lower viscosity 100% active cold box release agent

The most problematic issue with 100% active release agents is over-application based on the inability to properly atomize the release. This can actually lead to more binder build up, aka resin wipe off or stickers, in the box over time. It can be a fine line to walk when trying to apply enough release to do the job but small enough quantities to not build up on the pattern which can lead to stickers. ZIP SLIP 184H NM2 is ASK Chemicals’ newest and most robust 100% active release agent. It contains the same benefits as its predecessors with the added benefit of a lower viscosity. It tends to apply easier and doesn’t build up as much, so over-application can be minimized. Where previous iterations of release agents were not able to overcome sub-standard spray equipment, ZIP SLIP 184H NM2 has an advantage, leading to less scrap, better core and pattern definition, and cleaner boxes.


Stacey Clifford, Technical Product Manager

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