VOC-optimized binder systems

VOC-optimized binder systems for reducing pollution during core production and storage

The view of emissions over the entire production chain is increasingly replacing the focus on single combustion products at the casting line.

Often underestimated and neglected are the mostly imperceptible volatile components, so-called VOCs, which escape in core production and storage. Even if no critical work exposure limits or odor thresholds are exceeded, these must be further minimized in the future. In this way, the impact on people and the environment is kept low. Our expert Frank Lenzen presents possible advantages to meet future requirements and stricter VOC limits with the help of VOC reduced binder systems.  

Who should attend the webinar?

  • Product development engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Procurement and production managers
  • Plant managers
  • Technical sales
  • Environmental department
  • Iron, aluminum and steel casting managers
  • Interested parties from the automotive, heavy truck, railroad, mining/construction and heavy industry sectors

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Frank Lenzen, Technical Product Manager