Smoke suppression in PEP SET sand systems through the use of additives

Chemically bonded resin systems like the Phenolic Urethane binder (PUB) are great binder systems for foundry core & mold-making productivity and generation of high-quality castings. One of the drawbacks of some of these resin systems is the generation of high levels of smoke as the molten metal comes in contact with the chemically bonded sand structures (CBSS). Although a lot work has been done to reduce pollutants and emissions by reformulating resin systems, the level of contaminants can still be an issue. Our goal is to show the potential of a recently developed dual system engineered sand additive (ESA) that can reduce, in addition to veining, the level of smoke. We believe this kind of dual engineered concept will improve foundry air quality and reduce undesired emissions and pollutants.


Dr. Paula Vivas, R&D Manager Coatings, Sand Additives, Auxiliaries & Feeding Systems

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