An extra pair of socks won't help - Reducing electricity and gas costs in foundries with innovative coatings and riser technologies

Switch off the light, take a cold shower, put on an extra sweater. These and other tips are currently being given to consumers to save on energy costs. The difficulty of rising energy prices for consumers is extremely critical for energy-intensive industries, such as the foundry industry. Unfortunately, simply putting on an extra pair of socks is not an option in the foundry. Here, other solutions are needed.

On one hand: Most gas is needed in the coating process. To save gas, the furnace temperature can be optimized, the waste heat of the melting furnace can be used in combination with fast-drying SOLITEC coating, or the process step can be eliminated with VEINO ULTRA additives.

On the other hand: The melting furnace is the biggest power user. If several tons of metal are liquefied per month, even a few kilograms less per molding box allow significant savings in electricity costs. With the ASK mini riser technology, the use of liquid metal can be reduced, thus optimizing energy consumption. Further, metal material use can be reduced with tubular UDICELL filters with housings.

These are just a few ways in which foundries can save energy costs with innovative chemicals and materials. In our webinar, our experts Dr. Reinhard Stötzel and Marcus Friederici explain in detail at which process steps gas and electricity can be saved. Register now.


Dr. Reinhard Stötzel, Global Expert Coating & Additives (right)

Marcus Friederici, Sales & Technical Service Manager (left)

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