Made for steel: A new generation of coatings based on synthetic refractories

Zircon-free and very low-zircon containing coatings offer advantages in terms of work safety and environmental protection and let you save considerable costs.

The choice of coating for steel casting is limited because the casting temperature and possible reactions that restrict the use of suitable refractory materials. In steel casting, zircon is one of the most common refractory materials for coatings. However, with zircon the caster faces different challenges: zircon can cause problems during disposal and is subject to enormous price fluctuations.  

We addressed the challenge of zircon in coatings at an early stage. Now, we developed zircon-free or very low-zircon containing coatings for steel casting. What advantages the high-performance coatings offer in terms of work safety and environmental protection, and where costs can also be reduced, you can find out from our expert Reinhard Stötzel. 


Dr. Reinhard Stötzel, Global Expert Coatings and Additives

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