From smoke to success: innovations in core and mold technologies

Two of the biggest challenges related to core and mold making technologies are smoke emissions during metal casting and frequent downtimes due to cleaning of the core cavities. To reduce smoke and downtimes, we developed two new cold box technologies:

The first binder system addresses the attributes of very low smoke generation during pouring along with excellent dip and dry properties with water-based coatings. The second technology offers less resin/sand wipe-off under blow tubes and less core breakage due to sticking. This leads to consistent core quality and less downtimes due to cleaning. It also improves sand flowability which improves core density and could allow for binder reduction.

In this webinar, our expert Dr. Sritama Kar, R&D Manager Cold Box, provides an in-depth exploration of these two cold box technologies and how you can benefit from less smoke emissions and shorter cleaning time.


Dr. Sritama Kar, R&D Manager Cold Box

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