Emission reduction

Emission reduction potentials in high-volume applications

Learn from our 3 experts about emission sources originating from binder systems in large serial casting productions. Get to know potentials to reduce or even avoid emissions along the process chain by both chemical and technical product solutions.

Chemical product solutions include latest cold box binder technologies, with a special focus on the product platform ECOCURE BLUE. Emission-free processes can only be implemented using the industry standard INOTEC, especially for light metal automotive castings. Technical product solutions include exhaust air purification systems presented by Xpuris.

Who should participate in this webinar?

  • Product development engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Procurement and production managers
  • Foundry managers, Plant managers
  • Die casting and sand package casting managers
  • Anyone with interest in automotive

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Dr. Christian Appelt, Global Incubator Business Manager Inorganics (left)

Dr. Morten Ghiladi, CEO Xpuris (center)

Pierre Henri Vacelet, Business Line Manager Cold Box (right)