Reclaimed Sand

The influence of impurities in reclaimed sand in the cold box process

The commonly used foundry recycling process is sand reclamation. In addition to the cost savings of buying new sand, there are other reasons to use reclaimed sand: there are no transportation costs, no landfill costs, and the foundry's carbon footprint is reduced. Achieving sustainability in the casting process through sand reclamation is a reality you can implement today. 

In this webinar, our expert Frank Lenzen, Technical Product Manager Cold Box, explains the influence of impurities and additional benefits of using reclaimed sand in the cold box process.

Who should participate in this webinar?

  • Product development engineers
  • Process engineers
  • Procurement and production managers
  • Plant managers
  • Technical sales 
  • Environmental department 
  • Purchaser 
  • Interested parties from the automotive and heavy truck, railroad, mining/ construction and heavy industry sectors

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Frank Lenzen, Technical Product Manager Cold Box