Additives – Coating-free Castings and Reduction in Specialty Sand Use

Small addition - big effect! Reduce the use of coatings and specialty sands for casting defect prevention with engineered sand additives

Casting without coating or without the use of specialty sands but still obtaining a good casting result? This is possible with our engineered sand additives. These engineered sand additives help save material and peripheral costs - for maintenance, replacement or new investments in oven drying systems or coating tanks, etc. All newly developed additives are lithium-free and thus also less dependent on sharply rising raw material prices.

Probably the biggest advantage of coating-free casting? The process is shortened by two steps and potential sources of error are eliminated. The biggest advantage of specialty sand-reduced casting? You avoid the purchase of expensive specialty sands. Find out in more detail how to achieve a defect-free casting result without coating or specialty sands from our expert Dr. Reinhard Stötzel, Global Expert Coatings and Additives.


Dr. Reinhard Stötzel, Global Expert Coatings and Additives

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