A perfect match: KMV XL risers and EXACTCAST paddings make a powerful team

KMV XL risers and EXACTCAST paddings complement each other wonderfully. The KMV XL risers are a cold-box bonded feeding device with highly exothermic and insulating properties. The perfect balance between these properties gives the riser the right performance during the solidification process of large steel or iron castings. Based on the same material, EXACTCAST paddings are freely molded parts made of an insulating or exothermic base compound. Wherever KMV XL risers reach their limits due to constructive limitations, paddings are a perfect complement. With the help of paddings, the feeding range can be extended and a directed solidification towards the riser could be realized. All this without changing the geometry of the casting, saving subsequent expensive rework operations.

This webinar will introduce the technology behind these successful products and how to combine them in your casting process. Our expert Imanol Ortiz explains the guidelines on how to apply the feeding technology best as well as the benefits for the foundry value chain.

Who should attend the webinar?

  • Process Engineers
  • Steel and iron foundry managers pouring casting weights of 1,500 kg or more
  • Product Development
  • Production Management
  • Simulation Engineers
  • Technical Sales
  • Foundry Managers, Plant Managers


Imanol Ortiz, Technical Sales Riser

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