For the production of demanding geometries and thin-walled components, ASK Chemicals offers EXACTCAST paddings as a way to avoid time-consuming and expensive component changes, ultimately shortening development times and time-to-market. The targeted use of paddings increases the feed length and reduces casting defects and rework. 

Paddings are freely moldable components made of exothermic or insulating material, which enable directional solidification and increase the feeding distance. The use of contour-forming paddings is particularly useful for components with thin walls that connect the nodes of the component with one another. These make it possible to delay the solidification to such an extent that the nodes can be fed via the thin walls. The use of paddings is economically attractive in components with difficult-to-access residual solidification areas or geometries where several individual risers can be combined.

The use of this new technology leads to the preservation of the originally designed geometry. Expensive and as well time-consuming changes to the geometry, which normally have to be carried out to guarantee the feed, are no longer necessary with EXCASTCAST paddings.

This not only shortens the development time of castings but also enables the realization of the originally envisaged component without additional effort in the fettling shop or mechanical processing. What’s more, the weight optimization of cast components opens the door to completely new possibilities. The associated increase in output and reduced rework increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

Taking into account the thermophysical data of the respective EXACTCAST padding mixture, the experts at ASK Chemicals are also happy to work with foundries to develop the best geometry for the specific casting.

Easy handling and development of the padding geometry

EXACTCAST paddings have been specially developed for use in both Cold Box and Pep Set processes.

Organically bound paddings are almost unlimited in their geometry. Application takes place directly as a forming section of the surface of the cast part. Highly fireproof, insulating, or fluorine-free exothermic mixtures permit use without the risk of burning or graphite degeneration. Depending on your requirements, ASK Chemicals can supply ready-to-use paddings or the EXACTCAST padding mixture, which foundries can shape themselves into the desired form with the help of cold box or PEP SET binders.