ASK Chemicals at Metallurgy-Litmash 2014

ASK Chemicals Presents itself on the Russian Growth Market

Hilden (Germany), May 13, 2014 – Metallurgy-Litmash in Moscow will see the players of the Russian and international foundry industries come together from  June 3 to 6. For the 4th time in succession, ASK Chemicals, Hilden, will participate in its capacity as a supplier of a wide range of foundry aids with innovative solutions for the manufacture of sophisticated castings. The company has firmly established itself in this market in recent years and is today an important trade partner for Russian foundries.

New developments in all product lines lead to efficient results in the casting process. The ASK Chemicals product range encompasses all the resources necessary for foundries such as binders, coatings, additives, risers, filters and metallurgical products. At the trade fair, the company’s specialists will present market-relevant solutions and new technologies for high-quality casting solutions.

The efficient binder system: ECOCURE™ HE

With the HE (High Efficiency) technology, especially developed for the cold box core binder segment, ASK Chemicals is setting standards. This generation of highperformance binders features high reactivity and productivity with a 25% reduction in the use of binding agents and catalysts. Additional progress in productivity is achieved through lower contamination of the tools as well as longer availability of tools and permanent molds thanks to the prevention of condensation. Through the use of ECOCURE™ HE, the surface quality is also improved. This further development offers foundry operators the greatest possible advantages in terms of quality and effectiveness.

Top surface coatings technology: MIRATEC™

OEMs are forcing the foundries to deliver castings with a limited amount of residue in their castings. For motor blocks, these limits could be down to 300 mg per casting. This is to enlarge the maintenance intervals for the cars.

Residues in the cavities of the motor blocks clog the filters earlier and counteract longer maintenance intervals. Due to the fact that the water jackets or oil galleries are almost impossible to shot blast, there is a serious demand on the coatings to provide flawless castings but also zero adherence of the coating on the casting surface. Therefore, in some cases, a special washing machine has to be installed, which increases costs and
reduces productivity. MIRATEC™, an innovative coating, provides excellent anti-veining and anti-penetration properties, which reduce the coating residue after pouring to a minimum. MIRATEC™ has already been implemented in foundries to realize those complex requirements successfully in a cost effective way.

“Focusing on the needs of our customers on site, we develop customized processes and solutions that rise to the technological challenges faced by modern foundries. All participants benefit from this – both our customers and ASK Chemicals in Russia,” says Pavel Kuznetsov, Managing Director of ASK Chemicals in Russia.

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