ASK Chemicals India presents its solutions at IFEX 2016

At next year’s IFEX from January 29 to January 31, 2016, ASK Chemicals India will be showcasing both locally manufactured products and global solutions.

At next year’s IFEX from January 29 to January 31, 2016, ASK Chemicals India will be showcasing both locally manufactured products and global solutions.  

Visitors can expect to find a competent team of foundry experts and presentation of innovative foundry consumables for all stages of foundry production at IFEX 2016. ASK Chemicals will present its global solutions, such as organic binder technologies, mini-riser and filtration technologies, and its design services. In addition, the supplier of foundry consumables will highlight four locally produced products that have already exhibited their effectiveness in Indian automotive sand casting foundries.  

Special coating for clean motor block casting: MIRATEC MB
An essential requirement of motor block castings is the easy peeling of the coating in internal casting geometries as well as the avoidance of deposits in the casting component. The new MIRATEC MB coating fully meets these requirements, providing clean and perfect motor block castings. The special properties of MIRATEC MB make it ideally suited to thermally stressed sand cores. The usual defects which can occur with motor block castings, such as veining, penetration or gas porosity, are avoided by the improved effectiveness of refractory material that the new coating provides. Lastly, the good gas permeability, even with very thick coating layers, helps to reduce casting defects. Additionally, a special penetration inhibitor stops the migration of water into the sand core surface and also supports short time intervals in the drying furnace.  

Increased efficiency in highly productive iron sand casting foundries
The ISOCURE FOCUS high-efficiency cold box binder offers a range of important benefits to highly productive foundries (Fig. 1): The lower viscosity of the resin guarantees better sand flowability. High strength and a fast curing speed, resulting in lower binder levels and lower costs per ton of sand, are further benefits of ASK Chemicals’ ISOCURE FOCUS system. Furthermore, it represents the advanced technology for longer bench life of the mixed sand as well as providing very good moisture and humidity resistance. Finally, ISOCURE FOCUS offers good sand removal properties and facilitates a good shakeout. ISOCURE FOCUS is very efficient, thus allowing the foundry to reduce binder consumption by up to 15%. Another big advantage that is becoming increasingly important in advancing markets such as India is the low VOC content and level of odor during pouring and cooling, which is basically due to the presence of low free-phenol and formyl and is linked to the lack of aromatic solvents.

Minimal effort, big effects with ZIP SLIP and ZIP CLEAN SUPREME
The use of release agents designed for core and mold manufacturing increases product quality and productivity in foundries. ZIP SLIP has been specially developed for use in cold box and no-bake processes. The release agent effectively prevents the build-up of resin and sand, and optimizes the quality of the cast products. It does not contain any chlorinated solvents.  

The development of tooling is expensive and involves considerable investment for foundries, and so maintaining them is very important. ZIP CLEAN SUPREME cleaner has been developed for binder films and release agents which build up in metal core boxes and/or tooling. Like ZIP SLIP, the product does not contain any formaldehyde and is, in addition, free of fluorocarbon solvents. The product is not labeled red and can be easily handled by foundry workers. Thanks to its protective strength, it reduces downtime considerably.  

Local products and global solutions
As part of the ASK Chemicals Group, ASK Chemicals India Private Ltd offers its customers access to the company’s global products and services, as well as technological diversity and advancement for their castings. Additionally, the local manufacturing facilities allow ASK Chemicals to provide Indian foundries with locally manufactured high-quality products. “ASK Chemicals is globally known for its technically advanced solutions and excellent services. With our new set-up in India we are ready to be a partner to the Indian foundry industry, offering both locally manufactured and imported products and global solutions,” Aris Chatziparaskevas, Executive Vice President Asia, states.

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