ASK Chemicals introduces itself at Foundeq 2012

Technological leader in foundry chemicals

Milan, Italy – ASK Chemicals Italia introduces itself to the Italian market with comprehensive casting know-how and latest product developments for the foundry industry. ASK Chemicals Italia belongs to the global ASK Chemicals group, a joint venture between Ashland and Süd-Chemie, and provides foundries with value-adding products and services for the entire casting process, from the core shop all the way to the melting shop.

This year, the German company ASK Chemicals will be presenting the latest developments in innovative foundry chemicals and related services at the show. Visitors can expect to meet a competent team of foundry experts, who will be showing off innovative foundry auxiliaries for all of the process steps in a foundry – including binders, additives and coatings for the core shop, filters and coatings forthe moulding line, as well as inoculants, alloys and magnesium treatment by cored wire for the melting shop.

ASK Chemicals will be particularly highlighting its innovative INOTEC® inorganic binder technology, which has already proved its suitability for series production. In addition to achieving a 98% reduction in emissions, INOTEC® also has a positive influence on the material properties of the casting. This success story can primarily be attributed to the good interaction with ASK Research and the customer-friendly implementation. Additional commercial benefits are achieved through cost reductions in areas such as air treatment and tool maintenance.

ECOCURE® HE is a highly efficient cold box binder system which also helps to significantly reduce emissions. This new generation of cold box binders offers high levels of reactivity and productivity, with a 25 percent reduction in the use of binding agents and catalysts. In addition, the use of mineral additives can reduce the development of disagreeable odours. The low admixture quantities required for the HE binder system mean significantly lower emissions and lower costs.

ECOCURE® High Efficiency prevents condensate adhesion and reduces the time and effort spent on cleaning. Use of the new HE system can considerably increase the availability of tools and moulds – another advantage in terms of profitability and productivity. Even thin-core geometries which are exposed to heavy thermal loads, such as those required in cylinder heads or engine blocks, can be manufactured using reliable processes and in an environmentally friendly manner.

ASK Chemicals offers significant added value for the foundry industry - not only through its excellent products but also through its experts, who understand every detail and all of the requirements of the entire casting process. ASK Chemicals is able to offer customer-specific solutions by fine-tuning product performance and the casting process in a way which enables foundries to produce the required casting quality under the incredibly competitive conditions of the foundry setup.

“Thanks to our profound casting competence and our total focus on the customer, at ASK Chemicals we are able to offer real added value to Italian foundries. This allows our customers to become world-class – anywhere in the world. We form strong and long-lasting partnerships with our Italian customers – for their and our mutual benefit.” says Fulvio Franca, Sales and Technical Manager of ASK Chemicals Italia.

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