Comprehensive simulation methods for sustainable casting

Process simulation from ASK Chemicals optimizes casting processes

Hilden, June 28, 2012 – Known as a supplier for innovative foundry chemicals, ASK Chemicals, Hilden, offers not only a diverse product portfolio but also extensive expertise in the simulation of casting processes. The global player is now providing this expertise as a comprehensive service package for foundries, thereby creating environmental and economic optimization potential for the
various stages of the casting process.

The early application of casting process simulation plays a key role in sustainability for foundries. Casting process simulations allow for depiction and adjustment of dynamic processes, and efficient changes to them, in the planning stage as well as in live operations.

This is where the simulation area of ASK Chemicals comes in. Simulation is a separate service designed for all process-oriented foundries. It delivers custom concepts that provide environmental and economic solutions for foundries – precisely tuned to their process parameters.

Using state-of-the-art computer technology, the application engineering for the customer analyzes and simulates processes such as core shooting, core gassing and dehydration, along with mold filling and solidification. “This allows us to develop a secure foundation for risk-free production decisions in the casting process,” explains Andrè Gerhards, Project Manager, Technical Assistance and Simulation. The extensive knowledge of ASK
Chemicals about foundry processes offers a wealth of advantages.

Simulation allows for an exact description of the cast part’s quality even before production commences. Virtual prototypes created in this manner enable foundries to reduce their product development costs, shorten preparation times and enhance product quality.

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