Innovations for foundry industries

ASK Chemicals Presents Expert Know-How at the 71ST World Foundry Congress 2014

Hilden (Germany), April 23, 2014 – At this year’s World Foundry Congress in Bilbao, Spain, from May 19th to 21st, 2014, ASK Chemicals will be one of the Gold Sponsors of the event. The foundry supplier will be presenting not only its innovative product portfolio at the concurrent exhibition but also a series of lectures that will demonstrate the know-how and expertise of ASK Chemicals’ experts. The papers focus on innovative solutions for the foundry industry.

ASK Chemicals’ research and development focus has been set on sustainability for a long time already. Great efforts have been made to reduce emissions by reducing binder dosages or developing water-based coatings technology further. Of course, developing innovative solutions like INOTEC ™, the inorganic binder system, or ECOCURE™ SL, a cold box binder with a solvent-free part two are proofs-of-concept of ASK Chemicals’ efforts in developing environmentally friendly solutions that simultaneously provide high-performing product quality.

At the upcoming WFC in Bilbao, ASK Chemicals will be presenting interesting papers on new concepts and innovative products, such as "Environmentally friendly and highly efficient binder systems for self-curing," authored and presented by Antoni Gieniec, Senior Product Manager No-Bake. He will show how a targeted optimization of a binder system can lead to considerable reductions in emissions and to an improvement of the working conditions in the foundry.
The paper "UDICELL™ - Tubular foam ceramic filters for the foundry industry" will be presented by Ulrich Voigt, Product Manager Filters Europe. UDICELL™ tubular foam ceramic filters are perfectly suitable for the secure filtering of large quantities of liquid metal and feature a unique, value-added design. The advantages of this design include more than three times the filter area compared to a conventional plate-shaped filter of the same size, a self-supporting geometry, a minimized risk of filter breakage, a compact structure, and a quick and easy installation. The paper "Net/gross yield optimization on high value added steel castings" presented by Jaime Prat, Senior Global Advisor Feeding Systems, talks about a new benchmark in feeding systems in risers and sleeves. The presentation includes the new feeding tools and their interaction with the foundry process variables in order to achieve at least a 50% decrease in the feeding volume.

These are only three out of seven papers that will be presented by ASK Chemicals foundry experts at the 71st World Foundry Congress, an important event for technicians who want to be up-to-date on the latest innovations and trends.

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