New ECOCURE SILVER for reduced emissions

ASK Chemicals shines in core production – with ECOCURE SILVER for aluminum permanent mold casting

Hilden – The new cold box binder ECOCURE SILVER from ASK Chemicals reduces emissions during aluminum permanent mold casting and offers technical advantages compared to conventional cold box binders. With the development of ECOCURE SILVER, the ASK Chemicals team has succeeded in producing a solution for aluminum casting which builds on the ECOCURE BLUE technology platform.

Based on the ECOCURE BLUE technology, ASK Chemicals has developed a PUNB cold box binder which meets the full range of technical requirements of aluminum permanent mold casting, while at the same time providing significant advantages for foundry workers and the environment alike.

Just like the successful ECOCURE BLUE binders for cast iron, characteristic of ECOCURE SILVER is its low BTX emissions during casting. By comparison to conventional PUNB cold box binders, the new binder scores points in aluminum permanent mold casting, not only for low emissions in the exhaust air, but particularly also for the reduced content of free phenol (< 1%) and free formaldehyde (< 0.1%).

The workers along the casting line will appreciate the low level of smoke and other emissions compared with that of other binders (Fig. 1).

The availability of molds is crucial for the productivity of a foundry. Cleaning and maintenance intervals need to be kept as short as possible. Therefore, in the development of the new ECOCURE SILVER binder particular emphasis was placed on selecting an optimum solvent to prevent the buildup of condensation (Fig. 2 and Fig. 3).

Finally, ECOCURE SILVER offers a convincing range of technological properties and benefits. Apart from its excellent process times, the binder achieves extremely high initial strengths and thus short cycle times. The amine requirement of the new system is low. Due to the special formula of ECOCURE SILVER, gas formation is minimal, and this reduces the risk of casting defects. The dimensional accuracy of castings produced with ECOCURE SILVER is typically very high. “All in all, the new ECOCURE SILVER binder is a highly productive solution for aluminum permanent mold casting,” sums up Frank Lenzen, Technical Product Manager for Cold Box Binders at ASK Chemicals (Fig. 4).

With ECOCURE SILVER the team from ASK Chemicals has succeeded in developing a binder that is every bit the equal of, or even surpasses regular binder solutions as far as performance is concerned, while at the same time significantly reducing the negative impact on the environment and the workers in the casting process.

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