New generation of the EXACTCAST OPTIMA risers offers greater efficiency through modular diversity 

EXACTCAST OPTIMA 2.0, a new generation of mini–risers, is a modular system with numerous innovative components that can be combined flexibly into customized solutions.

The expansion of the OPTIMA mini-riser family means a further increase in the efficiency and flexibility of the proven EXACTCAST technology. OPTIMA 2.0 allows, for example, the use of feeders in the smallest spaces and a wide variety of feeder volumes. The OPTIMA mini-riser solutions can be well arranged even on complicated casting geometries due to their small attachment area. The risers achieve a precisely defined breaking edge and thereby reduce production costs. The virtually frictionless bushing and the integrated feeder cover prevent the detachment of riser particles during the compaction process.

A further advantage offered by EXACTCAST OPTIMA 2.0. is the avoidance of casting defects and impurities. Foundries can reduce rework, save costs, and simultaneously increase efficiency and product quality.

Innovative components
Innovative components of OPTIMA 2.0 are the exothermic or insulating feeder covers with a mandrel guide made of non-crumbling plastic. They contribute to the avoidance of impurities in the mould and associated casting defects, and to a decrease in the cycle times of moulding lines. Strengthened feeder covers with an integrated rib structure, which better withstand mould pressures, are additional new features. Another example of an OPTIMA innovation is either an exothermic or insulating bushing that prevents the feeder neck from solidifying prematurely.

Fluorine-free solutions
For users who wish to avoid landfill costs and fluorine-related casting defects, a fluorine-free feeder variant is recommended. Foundries that want to avoid pollutants due to organic feeders can also obtain all mixtures and variants from ASK Chemicals as a traditional water glass-bonded variant.

Udo Skerdi, Market Manager Riser and Filters Europe, explains: “We clearly see the future in fluorine-free riser solutions. By opting for fluorine-free riser formulations, customers reduce landfill costs and improve water conservation. For all those who strive for the ultimate in environmental protection, we recommend our inorganic fluorine-free risers.”