Capacity Expansion on Chinese Foundry Market

ASK Chemicals Inaugurates New Plant in Zhenjiang

November 30, 2022 (Shanghai/Hilden): ASK Chemicals, a leading supplier of high-performance resins and materials to the foundry industry continues strengthening its position in China and Asia Pacific with the opening of a new manufacturing site.

On November 9, 2022 ASK Chemicals celebrated together with its employees the grand opening of its new plant in Zhenjiang. The production at the new site will be ramped up in stages, starting with the company’s leading inorganic binder technology INOTEC and followed by ASK Chemicals’ water-based coatings technology and risers. The manufactured products will serve the growing Chinese market as well as adjacent regions and countries in South East Asia and Asia Pacific.

Serving needs for environmental solutions
The new production facility serves the growing demand for solutions to consistently drive forward the decarbonization, particularly in China. A key pillar in ASK Chemicals’ strategy to address the growing needs for environmentally friendly zero-emission products is to accelerate the go-to-market of its leading inorganic binder technology INOTEC.

INOTEC offers significant technological advantages for the foundry industry being a 100 % emission-free binder technology. In addition, the inorganic process generates technical and economic benefits, all of which will ultimately support carbon emissions reduction and the achievement of China's dual-carbon goals.

Closer to customers with an accelerated localization process
Asia Pacific is the most dynamic and developing region in the world, and a main target market for ASK Chemicals.

Luiz Totti, EVP ASIA from ASK Chemicals: "The Asia Pacific region is a major growth market for ASK Chemicals, with China being key for future growth. Our new plant in Zhenjiang underlines ASK Chemicals' commitment to China. We are confident that we will continue to strengthen our market position. With this latest investment we will be able to offer even better and more extensively products, services and solutions to the Chinese and Asia Pacific industry."

The company has set up INOTEC production sites in China and South Korea to stay closer to local customers. Both sites are bursting with potential to not only serve the market but also to support local customers with greater flexibility and to respond proactively to customer requirements, both now and in the future.

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