Say goodbye to stains: Introducing NECOWEL 4350 - a versatile alkyd emulsion with stain blocking properties!

The main task of stain blocking wall paints and wood coatings is to prevent bleeding from substances located underneath the coating. This penetration of unwanted components through the coating onto the surface requires additional re-work to get covered, is time-consuming and is therefore directly coupled to higher costs. With our latest innovation NECOWEL 4350, you can prevent bleeding of such dyes by catching these impurities irreversibly before migrating to the surface. 

NECOWEL 4350 is a waterborne alkyd emulsion based on renewable raw materials, that provides a well-balanced ratio of anionic and cationic groups which attack ionic dyes and impurities at the beginning and prevents therefore the migration through the coating to the surface. In this webinar, our expert Dr. Jan Klesing, Technical Product Manager Specialties, presents the use of NECOWEL 4350 as active stain blocking binder and its application on walls as well as on wooden substrates and explains the high stain blocking efficiency towards different dyes and tannins.

Who should participate in this webinar?

  • Research and development
  • Product development engineers
  • Application engineers / technical sales

Please watch here: 

On Demand, approx 30 Minutes  English Webinar  



Dr. Jan Klesing,  Technical Product Manager Specialties