Sustainable solutions


At GIFA 2023 we present new developments for more sustainability and efficiency in foundry operations.  Our R&D teams are focusing on the development of solutions that increase efficiency, reduce process costs and minimize environmental impact. One way of doing this is by using less or / and less harmful raw materials. Further leverage is provided by the development of solutions that deliver comparable or better performance than standard products with lower input quantities.

Additional approaches are focused on the development of products that show ways to dispense with expensive raw materials, such as special sands, or to reduce the use of other consumables, such as cleaner or release agents. The foundry process can also benefit from the use of high-performance foundry chemicals and materials, for example by reducing rework or eliminating process steps.

Featured products at GIFA 2023 help foundries reduce emissions, improve the working environment, and increase economic success:


We are proud to present a new furan resin technology at GIFA 2023. The new generation of environmentally friendly MAGNASET binders combines the benefits of better EHS labeling - without the skull and crossbones symbol - with the potential to reduce emissions while maintaining the highest performance. Despite an FA content of less than 40%, reactivity is comparable to standard furan resins. In fact, the technology's high inherent reactivity can be leveraged to further reduce overall emissions by reducing sulfur. 

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At GIFA 2023, we will present the full potential of the ECOCURE BLUE PRO the further development of ECOCURE BLUE.
Our new PUR cold box technology ECOCURE BLUE PRO optimizes casting properties and further reduces binder and amine consumption. With this leap in efficiency, foundries can improve their emissions and environmental performance, and in particular reduce BTX emissions and VOCs.  The new technology thus contributes to sustainably improving the CO2 footprint of foundries.

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With PEP SET BLUE, we are applying our efficient BLUE platform to PUNB no-bake binder technology. Part 1 of the PEP SET BLUE formulation thus eliminates aromatic solvents and phenols, significantly reducing odor and VOC emissions.  
Part 1 of the three-part PEP SET BLUE system is label-free. In addition to the environmental and occupational health and safety benefits, PEP SET BLUE offers foundrymen technical performance comparable to that of conventional PEP SET systems.

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