Product Highlights

Environmental protection and sustainability are hot topics at this year’s GIFA. As an expert for environmentally friendly foundry chemistry, we have these topics on our agenda. With an eye on sustainability, the question for foundries is how to increase profitability while maintaining quality as the availability of resources dwindles. This is where foundry chemistry contributes through innovative solutions that replace scarce and expensive raw materials with equivalent or better alternatives - with less harmful impact on the environment.

An important research focus of our R&D teams is to reduce emissions while maintaining efficiency and performance.

Read here all about our wide range of new solutions and innovations for greater environmental protection and sustainability while maintaining efficiency and performance.

New eco-friendly furan resins with enhanced EHS classification

We are proud to present a new furan resin technology at GIFA 2023. The new generation of environmentally friendly MAGNASET binders combines the benefits of better EHS labeling - without the skull and crossbones symbol - with the potential to reduce emissions while maintaining the highest performance. Despite an FA content of less than 40%, reactivity is comparable to standard furan resins. In fact, the technology's high inherent reactivity can be leveraged to further reduce overall emissions by reducing sulfur. 

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ECOCURE BLUE PRO for efficiency pros

At GIFA 2023, we will present the full potential of the ECOCURE BLUE PRO the further development of ECOCURE BLUE.
Our new PUR cold box technology ECOCURE BLUE PRO optimizes casting properties and further reduces binder and amine consumption. With this leap in efficiency, foundries can improve their emissions and environmental performance, and in particular reduce BTX emissions and VOCs.  The new technology thus contributes to sustainably improving the CO2 footprint of foundries.

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